Photo Credit: Rai Jackson/Instagram

Rai Jackson is a multi-hyphenated talent that is both a music artist, songwriter, producer, pastor and actor. Prior to the interview I realized I had casually followed his church online for at least a year and didn’t realize this was the same music artist I was speaking with. We spoke about his wanting to become a pastor at a young age, around 5, his unique brand of pastoring and how he not only has a successful church of his own but has helped start a number of others. Many of us know of plenty of people in ministry who are unable to assemble people for one church for years on end, but to be able to replicate ministry success several times over is truly a talent.

His new single, For Your Love with rapper 3Jay is a song about love that represents his uniqueness as an artist. He said when he was younger he struggled with the question of whether he can do ministry and still enjoy doing love songs. And to that we have to say that people listen to love music so there’s no reason not to perform it. He even said as much. He said people listen to Chris Brown, they listen to R Kelly, and now he has something to say. The song is about Jesus’ love for us, that is open for interpretation. It can be interpreted as being about your significant other if you wanted.

In other Jackson news, he even touched on work of his within the local school system and about kids that he’s adopted himself. And given that I also have an urban interview series going on with The Media Mogul News Hour where I speaks with influencers, advocates, business owners, etc in some of the country’s largest cities, I couldn’t help but have him speak some about how he would address the issues in DC. Jackson said that he would start things off with conversations about issues. We know who tends to be accepted in church and who isn’t. One of the things that drew me to his ministry years ago was that it is an open and accepting environment. And it’s this innate talent that shows why he’s able to appeal to so many.