Photo Credit: Jatavia Shakara Johnson / Instagram

City Girls rapper JT just asked a judge if she could get out of her two year identity theft prison sentence early so that she could continue making music. She stated that she could live in a halfway house in order to continue her career. Her attorney promised the judge that he would never hear from his defendant regarding any type of crime again, also stating that given the type of crime committed, her likelihood of being a repeat offender were quite slim.

“Beginning around her change of plea City Girls became a force in the music industry, JT’s attorney told the judge. “They have grown an intense fan base and have developed relationships with the elite of the elite.” He went on to state, “Granting this recommendation will allow the Defendant to get back to the studio where she belongs.” Instead of making a decision, the judge wanted the Bureau of Prisons to make the decision.

While it isn’t clear now whether she’ll be released early, the chance is still there. She’s been incarcerated since last summer for a two year sentence for using three different people’s credit cards spending over $1,000 between September 2016 through April 2017. Since being behind bars, her partner Yung Miami has been performing solo and appeared in music videos with Kodak Black and Cardi B. Enough material was recorded before JT went in so Yung Miami could carry things until JT gets out next year.

In JT’s defense regarding wanting to get out early to work on her music, she’s from one of the poorest parts of Florida and taking away her money making ability could send her right back to the very thing that landed her in prison in the first place, contrary to what her attorney told the judge. So far, her partner’s doing a good job holding things down, but it’s understandable why she’s concerned. Another thing is that Yung Miami performs by asking the audience “Where my scammers at?” If we could give any type of advice, it would be that if you were committing crime, to not tell anyone or at least not go around holding the title of being a self-proclaimed scammer on tour. Music might be a fantasy world but that’s a good way to get yourself investigated. We’re just saying.