Photo Credit: City Girls/Youtube

City Girls have just released the video to their hit single Act Up just in time for summer at a point when it seems everyone knows just about every lyric. One person in particular who knows the song well is Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Hazel E, who’s currently in a beef with the rap duo claiming they stole the beat to the song from her song Actin Up and plans to sue over it. The last Yung Miami of City Girls had to say about it was that she was going to beat her up and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez for supporting in the process.

Anyway, in the new Act Up video, their labelmate Lil Yachty makes an appearance in the beginning making an announcement that the governor canceled spring break for everyone and in retaliation, the City Girls are taking over Miami acting up with everyone doing the #ActUpChallenge in the streets. As a fun fact, Lil Yachty said he wrote the entire song with the exception of the final verse in the now incarcerated group member JT’s part. He said when he wrote it, he just thought how they would think, went into the booth directly in front of his boys, said “NoHomo” and just laid the raunchiest bars he could think of. And given just how raunchy this song is, that is quite impressive. He even has a moment in the video where he’s giving Yung Miami a couple seconds of lessons on her delivery of the song as homage to his part in the songwriting process. By the way, we’re listening to Mary Mary while writing this after watching the video. We love it, but it’s going to take a couple hail marys to wash that one off. But the more impressive part about the video is Yung Miami’s ability to continue keeping the group going even with JT behind bars. They simply had different people in the block party lipping her parts. Recently she asked for an early release that was denied and instead referred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. As it stands now, we should see her out by next spring.