Photo Credit: Claudia Jordan/Instagram

UPDATE: This show is Couples Retreat. It was incorrectly labeled at first as Couples Therapy

Claudia Jordan and Shamari DeVoe will be coming back to living rooms everywhere and for VH1’s Couples Retreat. The show aired for 6 seasons from 2012 to 2015 and will be making a big splash back with these two women who have relationships the public has plenty they’d like to know more about. To start, DeVoe revealed that she had an open relationship with her husband Ronnie DeVoe for years where she experimented with women and Claudia… well she’s got a new man and he’s fine. Kendal Dismute is a Dallas real estate agent and retired AF civil engineer. They’re a cute couple and we definitely want to see more of those two.

As for how this information about these two women filming together became known, TheJasmineBrand reported how they both were on Instagram in posts on the same balcony. Shamari also posted about a “new project loading,” they both have been gettin makeup done by the reality show makeup artist Omar King and then Claudia’s been in front of a green screen with her man. This also comes a year after TJB reported other couples being part of a relationship based show, Ray J and Princess Love, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, and Deelishis and Raymond Santana Jr. Also while TheJasmineBrand got the show idea right, the title was incorrect. They stated it would be Couples Therapy. It’s Couples Retreat. We’re glad to hear they’re not in therapy because at least for Claudia, these two barely have 2 years under their belt together. We were just saying, dang, they need therapy already? Whew.

And if this isn’t enough, the two women made an Instagram post offering their services to the Real Housewives of Atlanta production to increase their ratings since the show appears to be in a freefall with major players like NeNe Leakes, Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey leaving. And that’s on top of the other OG favorites long being gone. I’ll add that I brought this up to Claudia on IG before and she said she was happy with what she was doing and that the money wasn’t really all of that to be going back. She did, however in this IG post with Shamari say that today’s price isn’t yesterday’s price so maybe Bravo will make the two women an offer. We’d love to see it if they did. I mean, Claudia’s reading session with NeNe was iconic.