Photo Credit: Kendal Dismute/Instagram

One of the worst situations a woman can find herself in is being accused of breaking a couple up. But that is just where Claudia Jordan is right now. Her friend, comedian Gary Owen’s wife Kenya Duke went on Twitter in an unhinged rant about how she was going to serve up some karma to the woman who tore them apart and said Jodan had her “on one this morning.” Now she admitted it wasn’t Jordan that did it but a friend of hers. But the fact she threw her name in there was interesting to say the least.

The woman who did it she referred to as “Dallas, TX” according to The Shade Room. “I have all your info. I am going to deal with you in a minute, I am a little busy now. You can have him but you can’t disrespect me and my kids in the process.” Then she went on to tell her estranged hubby, “Let her know a storm is coming.”

On the bright side, her warning about a storm is currently better than that their Governor did about their snow storm this year. *bah dum tshh* She went on to say, “Tried to be quiet out of respect for my kids but @claudiajordan has me on one this morning. 23 years together Gary didn’t have s*** but a raggedy pick up and good credit, no place to live.”

Well I never knew that about him but thank you for that tea, Ma Dukes. And next she said, ‘#whitewomenarenotinvolved#notclaudia#claudiasfriend#draggingmebackto98th/MacArthur street mindset…” Now just imagine poor Claudia Jordan reading all this.

Jordan referred to the whole thing as “extremely messy” and spoke about how she would never contribute to any situation like this. “The fact that I’m being dragged into this is stupid. And it’s not true. I’ve reached out to friends of Kenya so we can talk woman to woman and not play this out in front of everybody…But I always want to keep it 100 with my people and tell the facts.”

“Y’all love doing that to me. I’ve never been a mistress in my life. But that’s a narrative that’s easy to put on someone like me. So let me say for the 100th thousandth time, no. Nor do I approve of that. I guess the story is that I somehow – that he cheated and the woman is my friend. First of all, in my 20 years of knowing him, not one of my friends has ever told me or has ever implied that they messed with this man. Never.”

And above all, she says she doesn’t associate with those doing “sheisty stuff.” “I don’t approve of it. I’m not cool with it. If y’all wanna make me into this monster, that’s on y’all. But, I’m a one man woman, and I don’t condone that.”

She let everyone know that all of this is none of our business which for the record…. it isn’t. “You should probably talk to them about the reason for their divorce. And also know as adults, sometimes people break up y’all. And it’s not as scandalous as you want it to be… Why don’t you just let it play out? Or let it not play out, it’s none of our business.”

“I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I do not have a friend in Dallas or anywhere else that is this man’s mistress. I don’t know anyone woman that’s his mistress. I don’t know what y’all are talking about.”

She gave Duke her number to talk this through adding, “I’m really aggravated with you that you chose to go messy on a blog, when you could’ve reached out to me.”

The only time we’ve seen anyone drag out a breakup on social media, they were on reality tv. Safaree and Erica Mena have been breaking things and posting it to social media, Safaree talking about regretting being married, was trying not to go to jail, all things you usually say in the heat of the moment and regret but they voluntarily posted all of this. Then there was Khloe Kardashian similarly claiming how stressful social media was when she was the one steadily moping and subtweeting literally day and night. So one has to wonder, is she getting ready to star in something? Does she want to… because this is incredibly messy for no reason.