Photo Credit: Pasco Sheriff’s Office

It’s been some time since we’ve seen a Stacey Dash headline, after her contract as a Fox News contributor wasn’t renewed after the 2016 election. But we imagined the next time we’d see her it would be attempting to get back into television, possibly IVF to have a child with her new husband. So we were surprised to hear this morning that she had been arrested in Florida last night for attacking her new husband, attorney Jeffrey Marty. Apparently they got into an argument during dinner time at 7:45 pm where she shoved him, hauled off and slapped him across the face in a domestic dispute. That’s when officers arrived and noticed he had been scratched up on his left arm.

Dash is currently being held on a $500 bail and people are usually held for a 24 hour cooling off period in these types of events so she’s got a few more hours to sit and think about what she did. Her camp has given no word yet on what happened. As for the man she slapped, her husband Marty married her just 10 days after they met and right after she called off her run for Congress in California. He’s also her 4th husband. One would think that by the time you get to be 50 and on your 4th husband you’d learn to become humble since the clock is ticking but apparently that’s not the case with Dash. We’ll be reporting more on this as new details develop.