Photo Credit: dare2dream1988/Youtube

In a collossal episode of microagression over face mask, a couple in Manhattan Beach both got beat up after one of them threw hot coffee at a man for not having a mask on. It started with the woman telling two men sitting outside that they weren’t wearing masks. They responded saying they didn’t believe in it. Given the happy tone and light chuckles, it seemed everything was okay until one of the non-mask wearing men turned their back and a hot cup of coffee was hurled at him. He immediately got up, chased the couple and beat them both up, man and woman… but mostly the man.

And here’s the part where the Karen behavior comes in. The boyfriend called the police and said he was bleeding out of his face because he had just been attacked. Shocked, the person who hit him shouted that his girlfriend, wife or whatever had just attacked him with hot coffee. And through it all, the man filming was still calm and saying they should have just walked away. He even said coffee hit him. The woman who threw it said she was hit first, yet you can clearly see on camera that she initiated all of this. The video ends with the police coming. Hopefully they were able to make some sense of the situation as its clear Karen was practicing her revisionist history in real time right in front of everyone. And most importantly, the fact it was caught on camera makes all the more difference. At this point we should all probably put the camera app in the center of our home screen.

There’s a few things I would have personally done differently. In the video, you can see both men sitting on a retaining wall with their back facing the street. Already they had messed up because it’s bad feng shui to not be able to see people walking up on you. That leaves out a major vulnerability. Aside from that, anyone who thinks they’re throwing a cup of coffee at me for any reason is going to be given a reason to call the police. I helped a friend with a lawsuit for getting coffee spilled on her that got on me as well. That is nothing to play with. And I forced her to go through with it because that’s not something you let go. We’ll be reporting more on this as the story unfolds.