Photo Credit: Bryan Callen/Instagram

Star of The Goldbergs and one of the original cast members of MadTV, comedian Bryan Callen is suing the husband of a woman accusing him of rape. His accuser, Mission Impossible III actress Kathryn Fiore Tigerman this summer accused him of holding her down and raping her back in 1999. This has lead to a series of threats and other forms of intimidation to put him out of work by her husband Gabriel Tigerman, who he’s now suing.

Callen claims his agency CAA was contacted by Gabriel via email with messages saying to continue representing Callen would send a “message to victims that this behavior is okay.” The email would go on to say, “Do you and CAA still represent this serial sexual predator? I hope the answer is no.” One person inspired by Gabriel’s efforts was Jen Kirkman who said she would donate $5 to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network on behalf of anyone who told Indiana’s Helium Comedy Club “that they are disappointed for them booking credibly alleged rapist Bryan Callen.”  The lawsuit against Gabriel claims that comedy clubs he works in have similarly been contacted and were told to stop allowing him to perform there. He’s suing for unspecified damages. And all of this happened on top of his wife immediately filing for divorce when all of this began.