Photo Credit: Safaree/Instagram

For those unfamiliar with the site OnlyFans, it’s a subscription based content site. Similar sites have people sharing workout videos, preaching, etc., for nominal fees of $5, $10 and $15 a month. Not so with OnlyFans… The site is mostly known for adult content so to see Love & Hip Hop star and rapper Safaree announcing he had joined, it definitely lead to some raised eyebrows.

Not throwing shade at anyone because I believe people should make their money how they can, but it’s filled with lots of plan B careers where people started out as models, singers etc and turned to doing this. Now the whole world just about is quarantined at home and work for a good amount of the population has been stopped overnight so I’m not going to throw salt in the womb, but he went from dating the biggest female rapper in the game and now on OnlyFans with people like Jhonni Blaze. She used to be on Love & Hip Hop. And by that logic, I guess he’s in good company. By the way, his ex, Nicki Minaj just announced that she plans on signing new artists. Whew. You couldn’t get anymore night and day. But at the same time, he just bought his first house in the last year so I’d rather see him maintain doing this than losing it.

As of now he’s been on for about a full day and no nudity has leaked so it’s pretty safe to say he hasn’t posted any. He did say in the description he was only posting inspirational things which I personally have a hard time believing. I’m almost certain this is a troll move and he may oblige his fans with a thirst trap or two but he’s not going to go down that rabbit hole at this point in his career. At least I would hope not. He could just be posting things for his fans and the rest of us have our minds in the gutter. We’ll keep you all posted on what happens.