Photo Credit: Ruth L/Flickr

One thing is for sure during this coronavirus global lockdown, and that is that we’re going to have a lot of creativity coming out of this time period. And the inevitable just happened with a couple in India choosing to name their twins Corona and Covid. Now ironically, I had just stumbled across a Facebook post the other day saying that people had better not name weed they were selling that. I laughed and then surely enough, worse than that actually, here we have someone who named their child that.

Born on March 24th, the twins, a boy and a girl came after a tough pregnancy and apparently they named their children appropriately. “The delivery happened after facing several difficulties and therefore, my husband and I wanted to make the day memorable,” the 27 year old mother of the twins Preeti Verma told the Press Trust of India. And of course, leave it to a millennial to come up with such a thing. The father, Vimay Verma said they chose the name “to spread happiness, not fear.” Well when this is all said and done, not many of us are going to be thinking of happiness when we hear the coronavirus, but if they like it, we love it. Is this supposed to be like repurposing the N word? (I’ll probably regret that one.)

Well we pray for nothing but the best and good health for this couple’s twins and that their children don’t hate them for this growing up. They’ve already said they have no intentions on changing their names in the future.