Photo Credit: Cuba Gooding, Jr/Instagram

It’s a good thing that Empire’s been canceled because not only has Jussie Smollett been problematic for filming, Cuba Gooding, Jr. is now proving to be just as big if not an even bigger casting liability. He just had another 7 women coming forward with tales of sexual misconduct he exhibited with him making the total 22. Smollett might have been a national spectacle but wait until the legal proceedings for the near two dozen women really take off. It’s going to be far worse. Now it makes sense why Gooding was supporting Smollett. It wasn’t because he felt he was innocent, but because the two that have been misbehaving needed to stick together for the sake of saving their careers.

The additional 7 accusers have been revealed in a filing with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office from this past Monday. This goes on top of the 3 women that make up the criminal charges he’s currently facing. Those charges consist of 3 misdemeanor counts of forcible touching and 3 misdemeanor accounts of sexual abuse. Then there’s the dozen who came forward in October claiming he either touched them inappropriately or kissed them. None of them resulted in charges but one thing is for sure, the 51 year old actor’s career prospects at least in the near future don’t look good with all of this happening in the middle of the #MeToo era.

Bill Cosby was the first high profile #MeToo case and Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing is coming up soon. The time is just right for him to be the 3rd. While he only has misdemeanor charges at the moment, it does lead one to wonder if there are any more and if so, how severe. In the words of President Trump, I guess we’re going to see what happens.