Photo Credit: Ying Yang Twins/Instagram

The Ying Yang Twins were performing for the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, Missouri over the weekend when group member D-Roc fell out on stage mid-song. He was then seen being carried out by security. He did, however come back online Monday reassuring fans he was fine by posting and commenting on the video saying, “Thank you to everyone that has called, messaged, or reached out in anyway to check up on me,” adding, “I’m doing good. #Ontario CA we’ll be seeing you on Saturday for the 00s Playlist Concert. -DRoc.” He went on to explain what happened saying it “was 84 degrees outside” but much hotter on stage and still managed to pass out despite having water before performing. He woke up later in a golf cart when a paramedic confirmed to him he was dehydrated.

The fair was headline by Vanilla Ice and had the Ying Yang Twins as special guests. After the collapse took place, The Ozark Empire released a statement saying, “The Ozark Empire Fair wants to share that D-Roc has made a full recovery from his collapse at the concert last night. He received medical attention back stage and was up and walking around prior to leaving the fairgrounds. Thank you to the fans for their love and support!” In light of what happened, they encouraged attendees to cool off in the air conditioned vendor shops.

But D-Roc isn’t the only way to suffer dehydration as of late. Carlos Santana had to cancel a number of shows after collapsing last month on stage. His publicist cited that he “was overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration.” While he’s in his 70s, it’s all the more important for artists as they get older to remain hydrated but the same for young people as well.