Photo Credit: DaBaby/Instagram

No one’s probably happier 2021 is over than DaBaby. Even Betty White said it was enough where she didn’t need to come to 2022 to see her 100th birthday. But already, a little over a week in, DaBaby’s already going viral and at least this time it isn’t for anything too crazy. It just depends on how you look at it. It starts with a woman that’s incredibly close to coming out of her top bent over backwards letting DaBaby pour water in her mouth. And the completely shocked expression on the face of the girl standing behind her says it all.

Now it isn’t that anything in particular is wrong with what’s going on but it’s quite suggestive. And we’re pretty sure there’s a good chance he was looking for her after the show. That’s what his expression said. Either way, it beats what he had going on last year. If he wants to get lost in testing a girl’s gag reflexes in public at a show, that’s between them. In fact, this is one of those moments where a random adult film studio should follow up offering money to work with them. We’ll see if that happens next.