Photo Credit: Dababy/Instagram; Dreamlite Productions/Instagram

Rapper DaBaby held an unauthorized music video shoot in LA’s Runyon Canyon where the property owner showed up to stop it which apparently didn’t end well for him. It resulted in him being pushed to the ground by his team and DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, got out of a car he was sitting in with Youtuber Jake Paul, chased the man in the house punched him and knocked a tooth out. His team stole his phone, a bunch of valuable silverware, destroyed a security camera and took off.

The property owner, Gary Pagar said “Mr. Kirk appears to think he’s a real tough guy. Mr. Kirk is wrong.” He is also suing DaBaby’s manager Kinsza Virgil in the process. The thing is the property wasn’t supposed to have over 12 people there. They had around 40. Even if his manager is the one who signed the lease and didn’t tell DaBaby the details, was all that called for? Of course not. But this is par for the course for behavior from him. Last year alone he attacked a hotel employee for taking his picture, attacked a promoter and some others.

We haven’t had to list off all of the prior incidents someone got into since Chris Brown was acting up in the past. Remember DaBaby was trending for a jabbing line at teen star Jojo Siwa calling her a b*tch last week? He claims it was just wordplay that went over everyone’s heads, that his 3 year old was her biggest fan and that he had bought everything she’s ever sold. Mmkay, buddy. That’s also interesting timing to do it right after she came out, but we’ll give you this one. As for the going around beating people up with impunity, we think this guy needs anger management. It keeps happening and the taking it a step further pulling their pants down is kinda gay. Just saying.