Photo Credit: DaBaby/Instagram

DaBaby has been mainstream for a few years now and has pulled in some major numbers in the process. What he wants the world to know is that it isn’t all hype and that he does have talent backing it all up. During an appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion show, he made some pretty heavy comparisons of his lyrical ability in the industry. He said, “Ok you can put this beat on and I’ll go Eminem level on that b*tch, you gotta get one of them to come f*ck with me. You gotta go get Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, I don’t wanna disrespect nobody but boy, raise your hand,” Baby said. “I’m like that. N-ggas know too and I’m like that for real I don’t gotta talk about nobody else story. I’ll talk about me.”

His comparison to Eminem was in response to him saying that he doesn’t like to exploit things he’s gone through in life to those who haven’t experienced similar. “If I don’t feel like you know nothing about this shit, I’m not about to try and exploit my real life anyways, I’m just doing me,” Baby said. “So when it come to like pain or anything that affects me or effects somebody I love I couldn’t dealt running round god damn exploiting that shit. I can’t do it.”

He made similar comparisons back in February saying, “Don’t get it f*ckin’ twisted,” he told Justin Credible and DJ Sour Milk. “I like to turn people up, I like to make people feel good, but at the same time, you gotta get Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole for me, n-gga. Nas, JAY-Z. You gotta go get them ones.” Then during a Funk Flex freestyle in October he said he was lyrically on par with 50 Cent, Will Smith and 2Pac. “Try to turn me into a popstar forgetting that Imma pop off on any n-gga/ Try me, I’m gonna make it hotter than hot sauce on Billboard with them young n-ggas still sitting outside my opp house,” he raps. “I’m the only one with the most to lose but the first one to let the shots off.”

The only thing about Dababy’s claims is his current dismal record sales. He missed the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 when his latest album Baby on Baby 2 moved just 16,000 first week copies compared to his Number One record Blame It On Baby which sold over 120,000 first week copies. He was just in a Cheesecake Factory trying to give away 30 tickets this month which shows just how far he’s fallen after the Rolling Loud remark that he says cost him $100 million.

So do you agree with DaBaby about him being able to rap as well as Eminem?