Photo Credit: DaniLeigh/Instagram; DaBaby/Instagram; Background: DaniLeigh/Instagram

DaBaby’s came in to 2021 with pressure being out with his girl DaniLeigh showing some serious PDA in December to now a new video showing off his cars… AND his girl promoting his new single Masterpiece. The song goes on about how “Still suck my d*ck when she mad at me” which pretty much sounds like she’s pretty committed to him. And lo and behold, there she is next to him throughout the video.

There’s a couple ways to interpret DaniLeigh’s presence in his latest music video. The two have recently gone public just over a month ago and already his baby mither Meme has been clowning her and essentially threatening to beat her up saying she hopes she keeps the energy in person since she’s already blocked her. She’s posted pics with DaBaby saying she’s been with him quite recently despite him on Instagram with Dani. And to that we pretty much have one thing to say.. that half kinky video of him grabbing her by the hair moving her out of the way on Instagram was Dani’s page and not Meme’s. Someone seems jealous. And it’s not too hard to see why. He has a video on his Instagram of him throwing his clothes off to an audience including his socks with a sea of women waiting to catch it so it’s obviously something..

In the Masterpiece song, DaBaby refers to his 2018 arrest saying he didn’t know what happened at that Wal-Mart… the one he was arrested for his gun discharging and killing someone in the parking lot. She recently captioned an Instagram pic boarding a jet very much in a Bonnie and Clyde type of way saying, ‘I’m Behind Him If It Go Down’. Call it happy, call it d*ck whipped, she’s clearly in it with him. So it was no surprise when a fan posted their pic on Instagram saying they were the “hardest couple in the game” that she would agree. After all, he did say she still went down on him when he’s mad. You can’t go wrong with that type of relationship behavior.

Photo Credit: Danileigh/Instagram