Photo Credit: Irv Gotti/Instagram; David Shankbone

Irv Gotti gave a recent interview on Drink Champs where he spoke about who he really felt ran Roc-A-Fella Records during its heyday, and it wasn’t Dame Dash. In fact, he said Dash merely had a minor role in it all. Dash, however hit back today on The CEO Show saying “Irv is my brother, so sometimes I worry about his mental health,” Dash said in response. “What I see him doing is celebrating, taking his artists’ masters and selling them and saying, ‘Y’know, this is how I make my money,’ and that’s the furthest thing that I would ever do with any one of my artists.

“My thing is to keep a creative as economically empowered as possible ’cause you know what you get when you get a rich creative? You get a Kanye [West], you get a JAY-Z. So my artists generally end up being billionaires.”
Dame’s comments can be heard at the 21:29 mark below:

A lot of this started at least this time around when N.O.R.E. asked Gotti if he was aware of rumors that Dame had been “removed” from JAY-Z’s The Book of HOV library exhibit and he replied saying, “I don’t know, I ain’t see it … Probably. I don’t think Jay likes Dame.”

“Jay didn’t need nobody,” Irv said. “[Dame] started Roc-A-Fella with Jay and Biggs [Kareem Burke], so he should get credited. [But] I’m saying the making of the records — I don’t know what you want me to say. Jay didn’t need nobody.” He added, “Jay was picking the beats, Jay was rapping over the beats, Jay was making things — it was all Hov! Dame was along for the ride. It was a great ride.”

The problem with this argument is that here we are another year into an argument over who was top dog alongside Jay-Z at Rock-A-Fella Records while Jay-Z himself has moved on. That is what everyone else in this debate needs to do at this point. If you know what you did, take your credit and move on with something else. This is similar to the ladies of Xscape. They too have had their issues over things that happened in the 90s which at this point is a long time ago. But Kandi Burruss and Tiny Cottle have moved on to numerous other projects. That is what needs to happen here. Let it go and for the love of God and you all’s reputations, please let go of the past.