Photo Credit: No Jumper Podcast/Youtube

Damon Dash appeared on the Adam22 podcast and expressed not only his disapproval for Jay-Z’s recent NFL partnership but his contempt for Jay as a person. “If you ask anyone in the industry, it’s a common knowledge that Jay ain’t sh*t,” Dash told Adam Grandmaison who goes by the name of Adam22. “This ain’t the first betrayal Jay’s done, and I’m like, ‘Big deal, he f**ks everybody over,’ and Jermaine Dupri is stupid for listening to him.” He went on to say that “he’s about the bag. We all know that. He’s self-preserving. Period.” And about the specifics of the deal and the overly negative public reaction to it, he said “Sounds like he took a job, he made an announcement, and it backfired,” he explains. “Listen… when you make an announcement about a deal, there’s specifics. This is a really vague announcement… I don’t know the deal… Jay plays like Jay, that’s what he does.”

“You f**k with that man, that’s all on you,” he continues, before getting into how this is not the first time that Jay pulled the rug from underneath people’s feet. “He didn’t betray me today… we all know he [betrayed people], y’all just wasn’t saying’ sh*t about it… I don’t care what he doing… What I am mad about is that I haven’t seen a Reasonable Doubt royalty in like 10 f**king years… and I wanna know where my money’s at.”

Now it’s worth mentioning that the beef between these two goes back about 15 years and Dame still blames Jay for the fall of Rockafella Records among other things. And from the sound of things it doesn’t look like they’ll be making up anytime soon.