Photo Credit: Heat718/Instagram

Jonathan ‘Heat’ Martinez is known for his hips and those strokes while dancing. He was in Vivica Fox’ show Black Magic back in 2017. We could have sworn we covered him in the past and even have the saved images to prove it. We couldn’t figure out if the article got lost or not in the site rebuild last year but here we are. The man with the criminal tongue is still dancing and being the dream of both women and men alike.

He posted a video recently saying “skills pay the bills.” And he seems to be telling the truth because from his videos, it looks like he’s living well. So kudos to his anaconda bringing home the bacon. Something we have to give him credit for is that after not seeing posts of his for a couple years, his body is in the best shape it’s been in years. And since he’s on OnlyFans now, that’s only going to up his fee and we’re here for it. Do your thing, Heat.

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