Photo Credit: Bravo

Danielle Staub is one of the more interesting people on the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ). Most people don’t know that she’s the one who provoked Teresa Giudice to try to flip that table over calling someone a “prostitution whore.” She was referring to Staub. At the time she had only been engaged 19 times. Now she’s up to number 21. Twenty one times this woman has been engaged. That takes real talent to go through that many engagements. On the other hand she’s been married three times. She just needs to work on that batting average.

Well, during the eighth season of RHONJ, she returned getting engaged to Marty Caffrey for the 20th time. They got married on camera and by the time the episode aired, they had already broken up. To be fair, they had been together about 2 years before getting married. Marty has since blamed the show for splitting them up.

“Looking back on our relationship, it is hard to reconcile that the camera and the show were more important to her than her relationship was with me,” Caffrey continued in his statement. “I do think the show led to the destruction of our relationship. I would caution any man who contemplates getting involved with a ‘real housewife’ as I think it takes a special kind of person to expose their private lives in this way and not have it not cause problems. However, I have no regrets about supporting Danielle, and vigorously defending her throughout the last two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I bear her no ill will, and I wish her the best in everything she does.”

He didn’t sound very bitter about what happened in his interview with People Magazine, that is until he finished and put their home for sale without telling her resulting in them both putting restraining orders on each other. *Shrug* But all that’s over with and she’s now moved on with Oliver Maier. Maier’s a Duke, the Duke of Provence who owns over 15 vineyards, has two family owned castles in the South of France. Not bad, Danielle… not bad. They were scheduled to get married just two weeks after her divorce which would technically be tomorrow, March 4th, but she’s decided to postpone their nuptials.

“Danielle’s daughters haven’t met him yet,” the source tells Us of Staub’s two daughters, Jillian and Christine, with her second husband Thomas Staub. “After today she realized she wants to bring her kids into the process more. The wedding has been postponed. Her daughters were surprised because everything happened so fast.”

One source said she had only been seeing him for 6 weeks. And you’d better believe her ex Marty had something to say about it. He said he believes she’s doing it so her new man can buy their house he put up for sale. And he wasn’t upset about it either saying if the guy is going to buy him out, he’d like to meet him and buy him coffee some time. He’d better be careful. He’s going to get high blood pressure from being so salty. We’re going to let you all know as soon as the wedding date is out