Photo Credit: Dave Chappelle/Instagram

Dave Chappelle’s 2021 Netflix special Closer has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy. While an Emmy nomination is always an accomplishment, the special was the result of Netflix employee walkouts in protest when it first came out and is now the subject of Emmy Award backlash and outrage within the trans community. An organizer of the walkout, Ashlee Marie Preston spoke to TMZ saying that she and the trans community are putting together a response. And while she didn’t go into full detail about what this plan will entail, she does appear to be preparing to make a call for pro LGBT-friendly content. She’s also asking that instead of attacking Chappelle, to focus energy on asking other Emmy nominees that have been allies to the community.

In other Chappelle news, Damon Wayans questioned how the media is treating Dave Chappelle asking why him being followed around with a camera and having speeches of his are being categorized as comedy. “Don’t blur the lines. Is this a special or is this is a speech,” he said.

“There is no doubt that Dave Chappelle is the comedian of our generation. He’s braver than I am, right now. I wouldn’t say he’s braver than I’ve ever been, because, you know In Living Color kind of speaks to my fearlessness.” He went on to say about Chappelle as a comedian, “I totally respect him. He weathered a very difficult storm and came out on the otherside smiling and I’m happy for him.” He did, however call him out asking for a comedy Verzuz. Now that we’d like to see happen.