Photo Credit: Goonew/Instagram

DC area rapper Goonew passed away last month after being shot to death where he grew up in District Heights, MD. Given that we’re actually from the area, we planned on doing a follow up after reporting on his death. What we didn’t expect was to open social media and seeing him standing up on stage fully dressed with shades on for his last go ’round. The whole club sang out to his music while he stood up looking like he was ready to be put in the ground. Comments ranged from saying everyone involved belonged in jail.

Now the club has spoken out saying they weren’t aware that a dead body was going to be brought into the club and that all they did was rent out the venue to a funeral home. They apologized to everyone who was upset or offended and offered their prayers to Goonew’s family “at this difficult time.” Our reaction? The first thing that crossed our mind was that there is no way you can have a dead body propped up where people eat chicken wings. Unless a health inspector has questions, we doubt the club will be taking any action, although we imagine they could for the funeral home not disclosing what they were doing.

And of course the internet had a blast with this. One person tweeted, “Y’all take my dead body to the club and I’m making it my afterlife’s mission to haunt everybody who attended.” Another said, “If I go to the club and it’s a dead body in there I’m calling the CDC.”