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We first covered Joshua Trusty as a model in the DC area back in 2015. The guy’s been in a number of publications from Beautiful Magazine to DC Metro Weekly. Then he appeared to have disappeared on social media, or at least we weren’t able to find him. Well! Joshua’s now returned and he is in rare form with his white boyfriend Jayson Smith sharing pics of him in all types of submissive positions, hands tied behind his back, the whole dog and bone S&M thing, the whole 9 yards. It definitely looks like he’s found a head over heels d*ckmatized white boyfriend. And from the pics at home, it looks like they’re living well. Also likely the product of bringing good d*ck to the table.

Of course we lost their Twitter handles since finding them a month ago and that was a headache in and of itself. If anyone knows what they are, feel free to comment and let us know.

Glitzers, check out Joshua Trusty and his trusty nudes below: