Photo Credit: DC Young Fly/Instagram

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Chris Tucker on the big screen, but it looks like that might be changing soon. That is if we’re to take comedian DC Young Fly’s word on the matter. He told Shannon Sharpe on his show Club Shay Shay, that Tucker promised to make a return for another Friday installment but only if Fly would play his son Smokey.

“Chris Tucker out his mouth told me…literally this year…He said if I play his son, he’ll be in the movie,” DC Young Fly explained. “I promise you, out his mouth, this is what he said to me. He said: If you play my son, I’ll be in the movie.”

And to make sure that his point was understood, he posted a clip of him on the show with added commentary in the caption stating “OG @christucker told me himselffff he would play my daddy if I b his son in The Last Friday no Kap !!!!!! Whoever see this the people want it .. we getting old @clubshayshay and @shannonsharpe84 legooooooo #NoDayzOff.”

Tucker didn’t make the Friday sequel citing “religious reasons” so for him to come back for another installment, would be huge news. Now Ice Cube has already said last year that Warner Bros refused to make another installment despite a script for Last Friday being completed in 2019. Now with Chris Tucker showing interest in being in a new sequel, that could change the executives’ minds. And Tucker needs to grace the screen with his presence one more time, anyway.