Photo Credit: Demetrius Jenkins/Instagram

Demetrius Jenkins is an interesting guy. We’ve followed him for a few years, considered making an Eye Candy article about him but chose not to do so only because so little information was available about him. What we did know was that he’s a military guy, runs track, has an amazing body and was doing some possibly intentional or unintentional thirst trapping. His bulge always seemed to come up in his pics but that’s pretty normal in track gear, right? We were even cognizant of the type of comments we left with him being straight. At least we thought he was straight. He gave no indication that he wasn’t.

Then when scrolling through Twitter, imagine our surprise to see him naked on there. Prior to that, there weren’t even videos of him speaking. And it’s a shame because he does have a sexy voice. And military men are always hot. And regarding him being straight? Not so. In fact, he said he likes men and women but it seems like he hinted at bottoming when he’s with men. He said he didn’t start getting with guys until he was 24, and he can’t be much older than that. And he said that he likes men being men, dominating and such. He didn’t say the word dominate but… it was something to that affect. Seeing him on his knees up against the headboard is definitely a bottom move and that’s the story we’re going with.

We’re just happy to see him living in his truth and for the content he’s been giving us. Just him talking alone is a big turn on. And for a little last minute tea, we hear that the model Steven Beck originally leaked his nudes that started all of this off.

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