Dennis Rodman showed up to Jennifer Cohen’s Habits and Hustle Podcast yesterday practically in fight mode but before he stepped in, he had a beautiful rant with TMZ. And why did we call Rodman’s rant beautiful? Anyone’s who’s watched Rodman over the years knows that when he opens his mouth, you’re likely to get a mixed bag of anything and given that he has a little foreign diplomacy under his belt, if you listen, there’s about a 12% chance you might learn something.

First off, he was asked by TMZ about a red “Make Basketball Great Again” hat he was wearing, paying clear homage to President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat. He responded saying β€œAll these guys should quit wearing tampons.” And for those out there who know nothing about basketball and what type of special equipment they might wear like the cups football players wear, we can assure you that basketball players don’t wear tampons. Now he didn’t exactly state what he meant by that but the number of players making foul calls could have had something to do with it, like Rudy Gay who did just that.

There’s also a little irony of Dennis Rodman telling someone to stop wearing tampons. This is a man who showed up to the book release of his biography in the 90s wearing a wedding dress. He announced that he was bisexual and marrying himself. Given that he received $10 million from the dress, it wasn’t such a bad idea. What we’d like to know is was he in fact wearing a tampon then, and if so, how is he telling someone else not to wear one?

He also offered his opinion on why the Trump/ Kim Jong Un summit failed. If you’d remember, he’s close with Kim and visited North Korea to speak to him in Pyongyang in 2013. “I think [Trump] went in there to try to ask for all this bullsh*t and stuff like that and he has to understand you just can’t go in and ask a guy like that to surrender his country and his freedom and his people,” Rodman said. “Slowly, man. Ease into it, brother. You’ll get something.” He also said he plans on going back to Pyongyang to visit Kim and his family “soon.” Maybe the President can give him a stipend and see if he can solve our North Korean problems. It’s worth a try. πŸ™‚