Photo Credit: Chucky Wells/Facebook

A customer in a Toledo, Ohio Dick’s Sporting Goods was accused of stealing a candy bar that resulted in a violent altercation where he was left with a bloody nose from being body slammed and repeatedly pummeled by an employee into the ground. The suspect, 36 year old Aaron Buckenmeyer was on the ground shouting that he couldn’t breathe, hitting high notes to get the employee’s attention and instead of getting air, was punched in the face repeatedly. The employee said he was grabbing his genitals. He also said it began because the guy head butted him.

If you watch the video, there is no evidence of the claims the employee made of him being headbutted or his genitals being grabbed. Either way, how does a stolen candy bar which supposedly fell from his bag during the altercation warrant being dropped to the ground? The customer’s arm was turning red from restricted blood flow. The other customers were even yelling, threatening the employee over his obviously absurd behavior. Police was called although the entire altercation ended before they arrived. The employee has been arrested on assault charges.

It’s worth adding that within the last week, news of meth pills disguised as candy circulating around Toledo has aired. Perhaps that’s what the store employee was on because his behavior was rabid and deranged. And people talk about how blacks behave when it comes to these altercations. Maybe these employees should start getting drug tested more often. Smh