Photo Credit: Jazmine Sullivan/Instagram

Jazmine Sullivan went on Instagram posting a pic of her in her IG Stories saying her “stepson” said she looked like Michael Jackson. While she kind of did, that was beside the point. The point is, since when did she have a stepchild? That requires being married. So when did she get married for this post to be a thing? She’s been dating music producer Dave Watson since 2017 and while they’ve been pretty quiet about their relationship, we’d at least expect hearing if she had gotten married.

Remember the recent discussion about what a stepmom is as a lesson given by Mariah Carey? When she was asked about her children’s relationship with Nick Cannon’s other children, she said, “I don’t think it’s step. If you’re not married to the person…I don’t know about that.” And it wasn’t necessarily shade… it’s a fact. So Jazmine… catch up. We already went over this. Now it isn’t clear if she really meant she’s a step mother or if she was just saying it lightly. Anyway, we’ve got our eyebrow raised and we’re paying attention now. Jazmine, we see you. You’ve got some ‘splainin to do.