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Now that the Bad Boys: LA show teaser has been released and the public has weighed in, now the cast is chatting with each other in their livestreams about what was going on and it appears someone got caught slipping. There’s usually one of two things that happen when a person is around someone they have a sexual history with. Either they can’t control the giddyness and flirting or they try having robot communication, trying not to exchange any glimpses, etc. which is just as obvious as laying it all out in the open. Well Kirk Franklin’s son Kerrion did his livestream with Durrell Smylie aka Rellie B and you would think situationship memories had just came to the front of their mind.

During their Instagram Live video, it started with Smylie asking Franklin, “You miss me?” Is that not how it always starts? Seemingly caught off guard and thinking of an on-camera appropriate response, Franklin said “Hell nah I don’t miss any o’ yall!” while blushing. Now for the record, this is the most we’ve seen Franklin cheesing. Franklin got upset out of the blue telling him to stop texting and driving.. just like an overly protective trade. At one point Smylie said he didn’t like the show’s acronym of BBC as a reason to talk about “big black d*ck.” That sent Franklin into a cheesing fit again and covered his face blushing. And when asked whether he was ready for some “BBC,” Franklin said “No.” So at least we know if in fact he IS gay, he’s not a bottom.

Repeatedly Smylie said Franklin looked good. And regarding the end of the show, Franklin asked Smylie if he had gotten closure. He said “they always come back.” After a pause Franklin hinted he was referring to the show and about how it’s likely he’ll be called back for Season 2. Did something happen with them that would require closure? Did it involve the BBC they were talking about? Is that what Smylie was checking on when he asked Franklin if he missed him? Guess we’ll have to find out on March 20th when the show airs. (We’ll let you all know if anyone reports on any clapping heard through the house.) We do have to add that given the way Franklin’s cried on camera in the past about how people were trying to say he was mentally ill but that he isn’t and that he’s just creative, Smylie might want to watch messing with people going through it like that. You’ve gotta watch the crazy peen. You might end up with more than those spots hit. 🤭

And that takes us to Milan Christopher. He said on Bigo that the show had a lot of fighting and literally from the moment they stepped in the house. He said he fought everyone and got to the point that his arm and leg started hurting and just said he wasn’t fighting anyone else. But he did say he did not get his a** beat once out of all those fights. He said it took a month to film and even took a minute to discuss a possible Bad Boys Club: Big Edition that he said he wanted to speak with Natalie Nunn about. He said he had given up reality television after Love & Hip Hop and that he even felt suicidal after appearing on the show. In the end, he says he feels he came out doing the best out of the rest of the cast from being on the show and when Nunn called him, he decided to show up for his friend and join the cast. And as for Andrew Caldwell, he said “She was a mess for sure.”

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