Photo Credit: Diddy/Instagram

Diddy has brought his #FuckItFriday series back and has now unilaterally declared each and every Friday a day of reflection for people to take a break and look after their mental health. He posted to Instagram “I declare the day of Friday a global multi-national mental health awareness holiday! Every Fuck It Friday we’re going to say fuck the bullshit, fuck the stress ,fuck the news, fuck any of the bullshit that’s in your life that’s stressing you!” And he stressed that this is for people all over the world to participate in. “I want you to say fuck it ’cause all week you’ve been dealing with the stress of life. The news. The evilness of this world. The why is this even going on? The stress from your job. The stress from your boss.”

As someone who has had his share of difficult people to work for and with, I definitely can get with this F it attitude for each and every Friday. The Mayo Clinic says taking mental health days can reduce feelings of burnout, improve morale, attitude and resiliency. It can reduce isolation and loneliness, prevent a mental health crisis, increase productivity, reduce presenteeism and long-term absenteeism as well as improve physical health. So he wasn’t far off with his declaration, for real. That and a continued push for a 4 day work week with the UK having the largest pilot of this new work schedule in history and one could say Diddy is a visionary.

And sadly, he’s deleted the post already. That doesn’t mean we can’t still take his advice.