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It’s been nearly a decade since Diddy and J Cole allegedly were scrapping with each other at a VMA’s after party. Though never confirmed and at this point, for what may as well be an urban legend, they’ve both shown they have a healthy sense of humor and did so by getting on social media to re-enact the fight. And they did it for the few people who missed it since y’know… so many people have their accounts of what happened.




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Now what supposedly happened was that Diddy said something bad about Kendrick Lamar that kicked it off. This was also not long before Diddy allegedly slapped Drake. Yes, you read that correctly. And that was something that Charlamagne tha God said he 100% knows happened. That’s probably why Drake decided to beef up over the years, not to get punked like that again. As for this Diddy, J Cole fight, it would probably be better than Mayweather and Logan Paul’s fake fight they had this week. We all know Mayweather could have and should have knocked that boy out.

Moving on, someone Diddy should have gotten at was Suge Knight. A report obtained by the NYPost says that when Biggie was taken out, Diddy was the intended target. Former Agent Phil Carson said that when Amir Muhammad pulled the trigger, the evidence is clear that Knight financed it, certain “LAPD officers were involved” and that the bullet was meant for Diddy. Don Sikorski, the producer of City Of Lies who reviewed these documents regarding the murder of Biggie is calling for them to be unsealed. Meanwhile Knight has been behind bars for a few years now. After falling out in court a few times, showing up with a cane, playing blind etc all to get out of prison and seeing none of it worked, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard his health come up. And at least he’s no longer a threat to the public as it currently stands.

In other Diddy news, he’s working on a new album with other heavy hitters on the project such as  London On Da Track and singer Eric Bellinger. On this project it’s reported that he is working on a tribute to his now deceased ex Kim Porter.  The two that were together off and on from ’94 to ’07 with 3 children to their name, twin daughters Jessie James and D’Lila, both 14, and son Christian, 23 and her son Quincy she had with Al B. Sure!, remained close over the years. And given the career banger he produced after Biggie’s death, I’ll Be Missing You, here’s to hoping this one will be just as groundbreaking.