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If you’ve been thinking about taking JetBlue Airlines lately, you might want to reconsider based on what Diddy’s son Quincy Brown just experienced. Apparently there was an issue with his carry-on bag and before you knew it, he was being dragged off of the plane. The incident was documented across social media when he first put on Instagram, “#jetblue And I thought I liked y’all. F**K @jetblue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then he went to Twitter where he wrote “WHAT A FAKKIN FLIGHT SMH @JetBlue y’all pilot out of pocket for putting his hands on me!! #jetblue.”

Then he posted a video on Instagram going into more video saying, “I’m not gonna get into the whole thing specifically specifically,” he began. “The pilot put his hands on me. Why? Because my bag – which fits in my pocket, damn near – they claimed it didn’t fit.”

“My assistant had my bag,” explained Brown. “I was on the plane already. They wouldn’t let him bring it on. He gets on the plane. I let them know, ‘I need my bag. That’s not a bag to check. It has my medication. It has my personal [belongings]. It has my medication. It has my jewelry. It has literally everything that’s my personal belonging. Nothing’s in my pocket.'”

“The pilot comes with my bag, tells me to get my diabetic medication out,” he went on, clarifying that his medication is for anxiety and not diabetes. “He looks at me and says, ‘You’re not taking this bag on the plane.’ I say, ‘Yes, I am.’ He said, ‘No, you’re not.'”

He says that’s when the pilot then “grabs me and drags me on the jet bridge. That’s when I got my phone out. I didn’t knock him out. Everything was just uncalled for. I’ve never had no pilot put no hands on me. Like, I don’t know what you went through before that, I don’t care. But the severity of me just trying to get my bag for my personal belongings became a situation to where the pilot put his hands on me.”

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If you’re wondering how such a thing could happen and doesn’t this sound more like something that would happen on Spirit Airlines, well that’s because The Wall Street Journal actually ranked as the worst airline in America, actually worse than Spirit and Frontier. In fact, American Airlines tied with Frontier. And as for whatever occurred on this flight, what we do know is that we’re sure his daddy is going to get to the bottom of it or at least the threat of it should get people to rush to get their explanations together.