Photo Credit: Covington Police Department/Facebook

There was a rumor of a #SmackATeacher trend on TikTok that police were warning kids not to try and adults to look out for. Well already we have a case of a 64 year old disabled teacher in Louisiana getting knocked out by a student unprovoked. It happened Wednesday at Covington High School right after the dismissal bell. They were discussing the student’s grade before the student began viciously attacking her unprovoked.




“She was just talking to the student about a grade, and the child was just explaining her side, and then all of a sudden she was attacked,” St. Tammany Parish Public Schools Superintendent Frank Jabbia said. The teen in question, Larrianna Jackson, 18 was arrested and charged with the felony of Battery of School Teacher. She was taken to St Tammany Parish Jail to await prosecution.

It was the words said from behind the camera that lead authorities to believe this was not only premeditated but a part of this #SmackATeacher Challenge. “Come on, come on, come on!” one can be heard excitedly whispering. “Bitch, she better f—ing not,” another says. “I’m gonna start running.” “We don’t know at this time why exactly or what the motive is behind the attack,” one Covington PD officer told 4WWL. “The suspect was uncooperative during the investigation. If you watch the video it sounds like they knew this was about to happen. And so we’re looking into it and there may be more arrests that come out of this.”

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