Photo Credit: DMX/Instagram; W. Andre Reynolds/Instagram

It’s been two weeks and a day since DMX passed and the rap legend had his funeral today at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. The event was small with just close friends and family but he was buried in just the way we would expect it. First, his casket was taken from his home town of Yonkers to Brooklyn atop a monster truck. Yes, you read that right. He’s DMX. How else is he to be buried? The truck had ‘Long Live DMX’ emblazoned along the side surrounded with hundreds of motorbikes and members of the Ruff Ryders label. The procession even had a name… The Ruff Ryders 2 The Rescue: Ryde 4 Life.

A giant X flower arrangement was seen outside of the Barclays Center as well as the lyrics to his song Fame afixed to the building outside. His fiance Desiree Lindstrom said “Today is very hard for me and my family” ahead of the funeral. And you could imagine how she feels. They’ve been dating since 2013. When she accepted his proposal in 2019, she posted on Instagram, “People will never understand or get our relationship but guess what, f**k them!” she wrote. “We know we love each other, we both are not perfect by any means, but we know where we stand with each other! I love u baby!” And with her being 28, almost half of his age, you can imagine the flack she’s received for said relationship.

In Lindstrom’s IG tribute, she wrote, “Today is very hard for me and my family…but one thing that is keeping me going is knowing that my son and I just gained an amazing angel, my fiancé and Exodus father…Earl Simmons..! I will forever love you and you will always be in my heart!” Days after X’ passing she got a tattoo of “Dog Love” on her forearm over a large “X.” Our prayers are with her in coping with his passing.