Photo Credit: DMX/Instagram

Multiple times over the past week reports of b passing have occurred and they have of course all been false. The latest happened within the last half hour when comedian Luenell reported him as passing and then turned around saying that organ failure is the same to her as death. So to be clear, DMX has not passed. His condition might look grim but he’s still fighting.

His manager has released a video to say he’s still alive, stating “Please stop posting these rumours, DMX is still alive. Yes, he is still on life support but it is not helping anybody by seeing these false rumours.” He also said the family will be releasing a statement “sometime” Friday.

Now before we leave this story alone, we have to address what the NY Post did. Within a week’s time DMX experienced a heart attack last Friday evening and has been hospitalized since now in a coma with little brain activity. His children have flown in to see him, a biker gang was outside for a tribute to the rap legend and then out of left field came the NYPost. In a collossally disrespectful post, their writer Sayah Paynter wrote a piece listing all the property he’s lost over his career. During a time that it isn’t even clear if he’s going to make it another year, it’s hard to fathom publishing such a thing. It’s also hard to fathom why her bosses and the higher ups approved it.

Back in ’91 Public Enemy did a song saying titled A Letter to the New York Post, with Chuck D referring to the paper as “America’s oldest continuously published daily piece of bullshit.” That apparently has not changed but as the writer at suggested, we’re going to keep praying for DMX but we’re taking it a step further. We’re going to pray that the NYPost learns from their trifling ways because this establishment and systemic disgusting and abusive form of journalism directed at blacks by publications like the NYpost needs to stop.