Photo Credit: DMX/Instagram

Earlier today it was reported that rap legend DMX had been hospitalized following a heart attack at his New York home Friday night. His attorney Murray Richman told NBC New York that he was rushed to a White Plains hospital near his home and stated that he was in “grave condition.” After a day of varying reports of whether he was in a vegetative state or had “some brain activity,” his attorney has now given an update on his client’s condition.

Speaking to PIX11 News he said, “He’s been in the hospital as a result of a heart attack. He has been taken off life support system and he’s breathing on his own” He added: “But we are concerned. It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that I’m not a worried man at this particular point.”

The rapper that has struggled with drug addiction off and on since the age of 14 had made strides to turn his life around in recent years. He preached his first sermon in 2016 and was reading from the Bible on Instagram last year. We’re rooting for him to pull through. It doesn’t seem fair to have this be the end of his story given how he has been trying to do better.