Photo Credit: Dr. Oz

Dog the Bounty Hunter is appearing in an upcoming episode of Dr. Oz where he’s talking about his new life threatening heart condition he’s been diagnosed with. You may remember that just a few weeks ago he was rushed to the hospital for what was believed to have been a heart attack. It turned out not to be and he’s been told he needs to make some lifestyle changes to include adjusting his diet and to stop smoking, the latter being a sure fire way to have a heart attack. On the show he tells Dr. Oz he’s been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He responded telling him, he was a “ticking time bomb” and said, “You’re not going to be here with the heart the way it is right now.”

But he’s taking blood thinners and working on taking the advice doctors gave him after his scare this month. It’s been a rough year for him losing his wife to cancer, having his shop broken into and the near half million dollar scam he almost got caught up in. The scam involved him being contacted to do a small business economic seminar speech in Dubai for $430,000. Sophisticated contracts and addendums were done but the red flag came when there was trouble wiring money into his business account and they asked for his personal account instead. He called it off at that point, but that’s when a check was sent in the mail for that amount. He declined to cash it. It turned out he was able to verify that this is a widespread scam with a number of celebrities currently being hit up with this. If he had cashed the check, the money would have been gone within a number of days. On top of that, they asked him to donate $250,000 back to them which means they would have profited. It’s a good thing he didn’t go along with this because then he really would have had a heart attack.