Photo Credit: TaeDaTea/Instagram

One of Twitter’s favorite twerking gays Donte Hall aka TaeDaTae just took a few of us by surprise when he dropped one of his nudes on Twitter this week. What was even more surprising was that it was a frontal. One would think with his frequent a** shaking it would at least be a cake pic. But to be clear, he did say over the summer that bottoms see him twerking and run the other way but said he’s vers and is trade at home. For the record, I’m going to say, “I knew it.” He isn’t able to pull trade off that well and not at least be vers. Well, we see you, Tae. #HowYouDoin? And we see the beard/seat of yours. lol But the caption to the frontal pic he posted was “If my nudes leak y’all gonna get a good one.🤪🤳🏾 #TwentySex.” Welp, there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if they’re good. And now we have a little something extra to think about when watching his skits on social media. We just have to not stare too hard. He also said Santa brought him a man for Christmas and we don’t want to get beat up. lol