Photo Credit: LaTanya Young/GoFundMe

A strong debate over Dr. Dre’s parenting has come up over about the past week when his 38 year old daughter LaTanya Young revealed she was homeless. Dr. Dre gives his ex-wife $300,000 a month in spousal support and is a billionaire. So one has to ask how is it that he can have a child homeless like this? And not only is she homeless, she lives outside of her car and is currently working for a couple delivery apps and is about to lose her car because it’s behind in payments.

Now most self-respecting parents would have slipped her some cash embarrassed that this happened and made it to the press. But we’ve heard nothing from Dre yet. No reports of her being irresponsible, on drugs, etc.. none of that. All we can assume is that she fell on hard times. And just why is he not speaking to her? Well she supposedly spoke ill of him in the media in the last year or so talking about him as a father which caused her allowance payments to stop. No word on how long she had been receiving those has been mentioned. Also note that she’s not seen him in 18 years. What would you expect? Even with that, who wants to see their child homeless?

So now Young has started a GoFundMe to get herself back on her feet. “I think GoFundMe campaigns are for people in desperate situations and I’m in a desperate situation,” she told Daily Mail. “Some people were in awe of what I am going through and asked if I had a GoFundMe. I really don’t want to accept any handouts but I appreciate anything that is offered. I have worked all my life and I know how to work for money but I’m in a difficult place right now.”

Shannon Sharpe weighed in calling it “A 38yr old grown woman trying to shame her father into taking care of responsibilities she created.” Marc Lamont Hill asked, “Sincere question: what part of Dr. Dre’s life has earned him the benefit of the doubt? And before you ask the inverse of this question, use the google machine.” Jamilah Lemieux said, “Imagine assuming Dr. Dre was on the right side of anything. You niggas astound me.” And Hill chimed in again saying, “”How you make excuses for billionaires, you broke on the bus?” – NoName”

There is a personal responsibility debate to be had here but for anyone that has lived in any area with changing demographics or more specifically gentrification, if you choose that these people aren’t worth dealing with, human nature says that people will eat anyway. So whether it’s right, wrong or indifferent, when this population starts knocking people upside the head to survive, just remember you said they brought it on themselves. And keep in mind all of the  normal working people who ended up this way during COVID.

Given the intense discussion about Young’s circumstances, we expect her reaching this goal in no time.

Click here to check out Dr. Dre’s daughter LaTanya Young’s GoFundMe