Photo Credit: Nicole Young/Instagram

After a full 12 months of battling it out in court, Dr. Dre has now been freed from his wife of 24 years, Nicole Young and is officially single. The judge signed off on the order today after months of diss tracks of him calling her a “greedy b*tch,” a lineup of women that Young wanted to question to see if he was buying them homes with money subject to their divorce settlement and possibly secret children out there.

The former couple still has to figure out how to divide their assets. Dre has spoken about having an “iron clad” prenup which for some reason he has declined to show. Young alleges he tore it up 2 years into their marriage some 22 years ago and even tried to have him fined $50,000 for not providing it to the court. Now we wonder if the $2 million a month in spousal support she was getting will be continuing…