Photo Credit: Drake/Instagram

Vegas is changing. No longer are the days of Cher and Celine Dion being the standard bearers in Vegas or even when it was only aged and retiring artists spending their last days at the Wynn. Britney Spears being there was a big deal but their latest announcement of Drake is definitely a game changer. He’ll be performing at Wynn Las Vegas at the XS Nightclub. And if we aren’t mistaken, this would make him the first rap artist to take over Sin City.

“It’s an absolute honor to welcome Drake to the Wynn family,” Alex Cordova, managing partner of Wynn Nightlife said in a statement. “Drake and Wynn Las Vegas are planning on bringing something spectacular to the stage at XS. We are redefining nightlife and anchoring our new vision with one of the most celebrated artists of this decade. Our team is thrilled with the endless possibilities of partnering with such a creative force.”

Drake’s residency will coincide with the club’s 10th anniversary and on top of that, he’ll get to perform in a venue with $10 million of recent renovations.

“In the fourth quarter of last year, we pursued a relationship with Drake and his management team to do something different in Las Vegas — not the traditional residency,” Cordova said. “A partnership will be the right word [for this relationship] because this isn’t just about performing at the venue. This is more about how we bring Drake into the concept of Wynn Las Vegas. We’re looking at all possible environments within the hotel and working with Drake and Drake’s team to see exactly how he can lend assistance in curating these experiences.”

This shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise because Drake did announce he was temporarily moving to Vegas last month and what other reason is there to do that besides a Vegas residency? He just finished building a friggin’ 21,000 square foot home in Toronto so why would he be actively looking to go live somewhere else, anyway? At a January 10th performance at XS during the Consumers Electronics Show week he said “Vegas! When I came back, I thought it’d be back at T-Mobile Arena or some [stuff]. But I’ll be back here at XS all year. You’ll have a lot of chances to see me.” This was followed up with a photo of his performance captioned with “New home.”

And if it’s rap you’re interested in, you’ll be able to see Cardi B in Vegas soon as well. Her time is starting this spring and she’s only released one album. Drake had to get through five.

As for Drake’s residency, tickets for his May 4th and May 18th performances are now on sale.