Photo Credit: Sheen Mack/Instagram

Many of you know Dwayne Mckell as a model and online sensation, but maybe not his brother. Sheen Mack aka Haiishen McIntyre was a basketball player at High Point University and an honor roll student in high school before that. He averaged 24 points a game and in the words of his high school coach, β€œHe was just a good kid.” This is a kid that did everything he was told to do. He got good grades and stayed out of trouble.” Haaishen was 6’2 and was popular going back to the Tumblr days where him and his brother were viral eye candy. Sadly he passed away after being murdered earlier this month.

At 27 years old, McIntyre was killed during a game of basketball in Charlotte on August 29th. His family started a GoFundMe for his subsequent surgeries raising close to $15,000 of the $25,000 goal to allow his mother to stay with him during his open heart sugery, leg amputation and future surgeries as he laid in critical condition. We first discovered his death by accident when the artist management firm IDiscoverStars posted about wishing they had been there for him and then we confirmed it with his brother that he indeed died.

Because McIntyre had grown to be less present on social media in recent years, we’ve occassionally wondered how he was doing as we cover various media personalities regularly. We just hate that this had to be the update we received. Our condolences go to Dwayne Mckell and his family.