Photo Credit: Elizabeth Warren/Twitter

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren just made an appearance at North Carolina A&T in Greensboro where she got a chance to talk about her much debated Medicare for All plan. She’s been getting slammed from left, right and center for it being the centerpiece of her campaign with no idea on how to pay for it until recently. But beside that, Angela Rye sat down with her on the details and switched up to lighter topics by playing a form of This or That seeing which she preferred. At one point she was asked who she preferred, rappers DaBaby or Snoop Dogg, to which she said DaBaby.

Now this is important. What does Elizabeth Warren know about DaBaby? If she in fact listens to DaBaby, which I highly doubt, that would put her in stark contrast with fellow Democrat candidate Kamala Harris, who’s a Snoop fan. She should have been asked if she supports all the people he and his security have beat up since he’s hit the scene, (no pun intended). Then Warren was asking about Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo and she said Megan. Now if anyone is concerned about her pandering, Rye should have followed up asking her if she preferred dark or light liquor or patron or Hennessy to see if she was lying. We all know Megan fans prefer Henny.

So just for a second, think about this… Elizabeth Warren at home dancing in assless chaps to Freak Nasty by Megan Thee Stallion. Yea, that’s probably not happening but at least she made it through the Q&A session. I wonder if anyone played her the music of the people she said she preferred just so she knew what she was getting herself into. Also, Rye should have known the answer to those questions and that that she likely never listened to any of those songs but hey, going viral was clearly more important. [Insert eye roll here]. But it’s also worth noting that Warren knows how to play to an audience because all of her answers sounded like they were specifically chosen for her to give answers a black college student is likely to give. Yawn. A few were sensible like Netflix and Chill or Broadway and dinner, where she said Netflix and Chill. The only thing accomplished from this was another Hillary Clinton hot sauce in the bag moment.