Photo Credit: Elon Musk/Twitter

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk jut had one of his best months of his career with Tesla adding $40 billion in value this month. Its stock has reached a new high of around $650 a share with Tesla having its best month since 2013. And to celebrate, you can believe that Musk didn’t do what the usual billionaire would do. Comedian Lewis Black said years ago that if he were rich, he wouldn’t do the usual buying 3 and 4 homes to redecorate or getting a new car, but he would be unique. He said he’d hire a full time personal “ball washer” where at his beck and call, a young lady would kneel before him with a bowl and brush, “scrub, scrub; rinse, rinse. I’m a rich CEO and my balls need to be washed. What, do you expect me to do it myself?”

Well Musk didn’t get quite that creative, but he did release a song on Soundcloud, one he says he wrote the lyrics and performed himself. It’s called Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe, because he says, “it’s true.” As for his writing ability, it literally is the same words, “don’t doubt your vibe” over and over with a couple others sprinkled in there. As for the song quality, we’d probably suggest he keep his day job. But is it worth listening to? This is Elon Musk, we’re talking about. Watching this man is almost as good as watching television. Remember him demonstrating the shatter free car window of his new Cybertruck, only to break it in front of everyone? That was grade A entertainment right there. And speaking of the Cybertruck, of course he had to put a picture of it in the album art. We just have one question after sitting through the 4 minutes of this song… when is Trump going to make one of his own? Since he’s in the middle of impeachment, it could be called Don’t Doubt My Presidency.