Photo Credit: Elvira/Instagram

Elvira was the sexy Mistress of the Dark that’s been a name since the 80s, and one we thought we had known everything about. Well now she’s come out in her first memoir that she’s not only bisexual but that she’s been in a relationship with a woman the last 19 years. Titled Yours Cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs of the Mistress of the Dark, the 70 year old Cassandra Peterson talks about the “dark and brooding” trainer named Teresa “T” Wierson in the Gold’s Gym she frequented in Hollywood that she at the time was a man.

“Often, when I was doing my preworkout warm-up on the treadmill, I couldn’t help noticing one particular trainer — tan, tattooed, and muscular — stalking across the gym floor, knit cap pulled so low over his long brown hair that it nearly covered his eyes,” she wrote.

“A typical sexy bad boy, he was unaware he was so charismatic that he’d garnered his own unofficial fan club. Watching him from the safety of my treadmill made my heart beat faster and the time pass much more quickly.” She later found out after running into her in the restroom that she was a woman which is where their friendship began.

“A former body-builder, track runner, and cyclist, she was an incredibly sweet person, despite her tough exterior,” Peterson wrote of Wierson. “She had the ability to make something even as mundane as working out fun, and we trained together three times a week for the next six years, striking up a close friendship along the way.”

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