Photo Credit: Eminem/Instagram

Rapper Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott was taken in by authorities from her Michigan home on July 30th following a call about a suicidal person. She was so combative with police that she had to be restrained. She was so violent they couldn’t take her vitals. She had several lacerations on the back of her leg and had a good amount of blood across the floor. After being rushed to the hospital for both medical and psychological evaluation, she’s now home recovering.

Scott and Eminem were married from ’99 to 2001 and again for a few months in 2006. They have one child together, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers who is now 25. Scott is the subject of a lot of his more controversial work including 2000’s Kim and ’97’s Bonnie & Clyde where he fantasized about killing her.

“Don’t you want to help da-da build a sand castle? (yeah!),” he rapped to his young daughter on “Bonnie & Clyde.” “And mama said she wants to show how far she can float/And don’t worry about that little boo-boo on her throat/It’s just a little scratch, it don’t hurt, her was eatin’/Dinner while you were sweepin’ and spilled ketchup on her shirt.”

In 2000 his mother sued him for defamation seeking $10 million in damages and she sued him at the same time for $10 million and wanted sole custody of their children. She has struggled with addiction over the years but so has he. We pray that she pulls through with this. Suicide attempts are always disheartening to hear about. And what is sad about all of this is that she did it just a day after laying her mother to rest.