Photo Credit: Garrett Hedlund/Instagram

Garrett Hedlund and Emma Roberts were dating for close to three years before breaking up a few weeks ago. The split came about a year after Roberts gave birth to their child Rhodes Robert Hedlund. Well Saturday night marked yet another public intoxication moment for the Friday Night Lights actor as he was arrested Saturday night in Franklin County, Tennessee with a $2,100 bond set. He was released this morning with a court date set for March.

He previously had a DUI January 2020 where he passed out at the wheel slamming into a woman and her 3 kids in a Nissan, resulting in him being placed on a 3 year probation. Part of the rules of his probation was that he not break any laws. That’s clearly not what happened here. He went through a 30 day residential treatment rehab in 2020 and completed a nine-month first-offender alcohol and drug education counseling program only for him to go out and do this. Now Roberts was arrested back in 2013 for beating up her then boyfriend Evan Peters so perhaps it has something to do with his ex’ treatment of him. We can only speculate. But we’ll see if he gets in any further trouble for this.