Photo Credit: Eric Bellinger/Instagram

A spin on what has become the OnlyFans generation, R&B singer Eric Bellinger has released the new single Only Fan stating that he wants to be the only ones to see the special parts of his significant other. “They can’t subscribe to you, I gotta be the only one to put my eyes on you,” he croons. Only Fan, the album’s second single talks about genuine love that’s not just valued in follower count and likes.

This is a shift from the album Shine on the World released exactly a month and a day ago following his musical journey going from a church boy to an R&B hitmaker. And it’s a personal story to him as he’s spoken openly about being shunned by his church for singing secular music. “It’s an incredible thing to truly feel like I’m stepping into my purpose. From the look to the sound & everything in between. It’s time for the ultimate Eric Bellinger experience. I’m ready to Shine On The World,” he told Respect Magazine last month.

The as yet titled new album that’s due out later this summer, builds upon the L.A. natives  over 2 billion in career streams and hit singles such as “G.O.A.T.“, “Type A Way” featuring Chris Brown & OG Parker, “Drive By” and “Valet”.  He has  over 100 songwriting credits, writing for artists such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Wale, Selena Gomez just to name a few.

Listen to Eric Bellinger’s new single Only Fan below: