Photo Credit: Abel Osundairo/Instagram; Jussie Smollett/Instagram

Yesterday we reported on video footage released by the Chicago Police Department showing Jussie Smollett being paid a visit to his apartment shortly after his alleged attack with him still wearing the noose around his neck. Another of the Osundairo brothers after their arrest and now dozens of texts from Smollett have been released as well. The texts include instances of Smollett asking the brother Abel for a “molly connect,” asking for some “Whitney Houston,” a street name for cocaine. He jokingly said he had turned Osundairo into his “drug pusher.” Then there are the sexual text messages. At one point he offered him a massage by a masseuse of his, stating he paid for two so it was technically already paid for and okay. Osundairo said he was okay and didn’t need it. Minutes later, Smollett said “This n***a is handling life. Sucking my d*** and it’s all good and working!” Now it’s also worth noting that when he first offered him he massage, he said it could be a non-sexual one.

This leads one to ask had Smollett and Osundairo maintained a sexual relationship or were they getting these types of erotic messages on a regular basis? This would be an interesting piece of evidence for the defamation suit Osundairo has against Smollett and his attorneys in part stating that the insinuation he’s gay could cause him danger in his home country of Nigeria. As to the relevance to this case overall, either they staged the attack or they didn’t. Airing out dirty laundry in the public unfortunately came as a result of the media suing to have records for the case unsealed and only provide context. Their relationship details just happen to be collateral damage.