Photo Credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille hasn’t been wasting time spitting out babies these days. It seems like every time we’ve seen her she’s been pregnant. She was ready to pop at the last season reunion and before this one even airs she just gave birth again. Clearly married life is doing her well. The 34 year old model gave birth to son Maverick with her husband Michael Sterling late last night. This was followed behind their other son Michael Todd Sterling Jr., born April of 2018. They were married last October which means they’re coming up on their 1 year anniversary next month. Just two months ago, Marcille had a sun flowered baby shower she threw with co-stars Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes September 15th. Given the tension between Leakes and Bailey on display during the season 12 trailer, it’s a surprise to see them together, but if there’s anything these ladies are good at, it’s compartmentalizing things in order to co-exist. Getting paid to appear together doesn’t hurt either.

Marcille has another child and that’s 5 year old Marley Rae that she had with R&B singer Kevin Mccall. To start, we have to state that Mccall’s fine. But aside from that, she gave a very troubling account of sharing a child with him on the Real Housewives saying that she has had to keep moving to get away from him. She said every time she moves, he finds her. Co-star Marlo Hampton said she posts what events she’s going to be at so if she was that concerned, she wouldn’t be doing that. Interesting point and Mccall himself said he was at her wedding so if he was that much of a threat, why invite him? And wouldn’t a restraining order keep him away? Well he wants to see his child more and his attorney Adamma Mckinnon just filed legal docs saying she’s kept him away from his child since leaving LA for Atlanta in 2015. He says it’s important that they spend time together to “foster a parental bond.” Eva’s rep responded saying, “Kevin was given an ample amount of time to petition any action and never did.” Mccall claims his portrayal on the show is an act for ratings and her story line and now we would imagine that this altered public perception may effect custody rights of his. We hope not. Children deserve to see their parents and we’re hoping these two work things out.

Marcille doesn’t have any lack of support in her parenting journey as she made a post essentially referring to the RHOA cast as honorary aunties for her then unborn third child. We wish her and her husband Michael Sterling the best and better times in co-parenting with ex Kevin Mccall.